Design Patterns for Vue.js

A test driven approach to maintainable applications

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Vue.js is a great framework - you find yourself building better applications, faster than ever. With the Composition API and TypeScript, you're now feeling unstoppable...

...over time, velocity slows. Business requirements change. The line between business logic and the your UI components begins to blur.

Design patterns for Vue.js will arm you with the tools, patterns and concepts to build complex, scalable and testable applications.

We cover:

  • Composition API
  • Separation of concerns
  • Test-first philosophy
  • Renderless components for maximum reusability
  • Write tests to help drive your component design
  • Design Patterns for consistency
  • Options or Composition? Choosing the right API for the job

What's Included

📗 The Book

Beautifully formatted PDF and epub. 164 pages split into 10 sections that can be read in any order. Lifetime access (content updated as Vue changes and evolves).

🏋️‍♂️ Exercises (with solutions)

Each section ends with exercises to make sure you understand everything. The source code is also included, as well as the solutions to the exercises, so you can check your solutions.

✅ Always up to date

The very nature of a book about best practices and testing is easy to keep up to date, since the test suite gives me confidence when updating the content! For this reason, you can be confident all the code snippets work, and will continue to do so.

Complete Package
  • Download PDF + epub
  • Source code + exercise solutions
  • Lifetime access to future updates
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Preview "Testable Forms" and "Renderless Components" for free!
Or buy now if you don't need convincing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book for me?

Maybe! This is aimed at developers with some JavaScript and Vue.js experience, who would like to learn more advanced patterns.

How do I get the content?

You can purchase it using Gumroad. You will be able to download PDF and EPUB formats. You will also be able to download updates there, too (we all know how fast JavaScript changes). I'll be keeping everything up to date.

Do you offer purchasing power parity?

Yes! I understand not every country has the same purchasing power. Please send me an email letting me know how much you can afford to pay and we can work something out!

Who am I?

Hi there! I'm Lachlan, Vue.js team member and quality software enthusiast.

I have taught tens of thousands of developers how to write testable Vue.js applications through my courses, books and YouTube channel. I hope you will be next!

You can find my on GitHub and Twitter or by just sending me a good old fashioned email.