Typing the Test Suite

A brisk course on writing tests with Jest and TypeScript.

What is this?

A quick course for intermediate level developers looking to get started with testing using Jest and TypeScript.

The first section focuses on using Jest with JavaScript and a bit of TDD. The rest of the course uses TypeScript, Jest, with either Node.js or React. It's 2 hours long and full of content.

We move fast, break things, then write tests to make sure they don't break again. The technologies used are:

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Two ways. You can buy it on Udemy, or you can buy it from me directly via Gumroad.

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It costs $19 on Udemy and $15 on Gumroad. I support purchasing power parity to make my content affordable to everyone. If this price is unaffordable for you, send me an email and we will make it work.

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1.0 Introduction

Get everything setup and starting writing some tests with Jest.

  • 1.1 Installation
  • 1.2 Your First Test
  • 1.3 Adding an Assertion
  • 1.4 Describing and Grouping Tests
  • 1.5 Feedback Loop with Watch Mode
  • 1.6 It.each for Concise Tests

2.0 Project: String Calculator

Put the skills learned in section one into practice by completing the String Calculator Kata.

  • 2.1 The First Test
  • 2.2 Handling Whitespace
  • 2.3 Throwing an Error
  • 2.4 Testing the Error
  • 2.5 Validating the Test Suite with a Functional Refactor
  • 2.6 Completing the Functional Refactor

3.0 Matcher Madness

Do a deep dive into the various matchers Jest provides, from toBe and toEqual to the more exotic resolves and rejects matchers.

  • 3.1 toBe
  • 3.2 toEqual, not
  • 3.3 toHaveProperty
  • 3.4 Resolves matcher for Promises
  • 3.5 Rejects matcher for Errors
  • 3.6 toHaveBeenCalled and Mock Functions
  • 3.7 Waiting with the Done Callback

4.0 TypeScript, Node.js and Jest

We introduce TypeScript and Jest by developing and testing a Node.js API. Note: This section assumes basic knowledge of Node.js and Express.

  • 4.1 TypeScript and Jest with ts-jest
  • 4.2 Express Setup
  • 4.3 The Jest Lifecylce: Before and After Hooks
  • 4.4 Better Types
  • 4.5 Adding JWT and a Refactor
  • 4.6 Authorization Header
  • 4.7 Testing for Success
  • 4.8 Testing for Failure
  • 4.9 Alternative Failed Assertion Syntax
  • 4.10 Summary

5.0 TypeScript, React and Testing in a DOM Environment

Build a toy React app and see how to use TypeScript and Jest for DOM based testing with Testing Library. Note: this section assumes basisc knowledge of React.

  • 5.1 Create React App and TypeScript
  • 5.2 Rendering with Testing Library
  • 5.3 Testing Library Assertions - getByText
  • 5.4 useState and Asynchronous Assertions
  • 5.5 Fetchign Data with useEffect
  • 5.6 More Async Behavior with findAll
  • 5.7 Mocking Axios with Jest Mocks
  • 5.8 Toggling Todos

6.0 Jest Tips and Tricks

Learn some of Jest's more advanced features. Write your own custom matchers with TypeScript and write more robust, reuseable and (mostly) type-safe mocks.

  • 6.1 Section Overview
  • 6.2 Custom Matcher API
  • 6.3 Implementing the Matcher
  • 6.4 Typing the Matcher
  • 6.5 Setting up for Module Mocking
  • 6.6 Inline Mocks Review
  • 6.7 The Problem with Inline Mocks
  • 6.8 Manual Mocks
  • 6.9 Default Module Data
  • 6.10 Typing the Mock Module
  • 6.11 Improving the Spec Types
  • 6.12 Jest Spies
  • 6.13 What Next? More Learning Resources

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Hi there! I'm Lachlan, Vue.js team member and quality software enthusiast.

I have taught tens of thousands of developers how to write testable JavaScript applications through my courses, books and YouTube channel. I hope you will be next!

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