Lachlan Miller

New Website!

I started a new website, There are a few reasons for this.

Over the last few years, I've had several websites where I post my content. I started of with a blog on Medium, which was great at the time. My articles about Vue.js got a lot of exposure, and I think I got better at writing.

I eventually realized I didn't want to be married to Medium forever, so I started posting to a static site host on GitHub pages. This was an improvement, but I still don't really own the content, since it's hosted on someone else's domain.

Earlier this year, I decided to go start posting more regularly about Vue.js as a way to market my course, Vue.js: The Composition API. This led to the creation of around 30 technical blog posts on Finally, my own content on my own domain! It feels great.

I've now realized I want to write about a broad range of topics, from technical topics with more of a focus on design patterns and testing, instead of just on Vue, as well as more personal topics, like my philosophy around development in general.

Another thing I've realized is building a personal brand is really important. Posting content to my personal website is a great way to grow and develop.

I will continue to post technical content both on my other blogs, but eventually I'll make this website the "source of truth" for all my content, technical or otherwise.

Another goal I have with this website is to start my own newsletter! I'm going to be sharing a handful of high quality technical posts on a bi-weekly basis, all hand chosen from independent bloggers - that means no Medium or posts. Personal blogs are always a joy to browse, and I'd like to do my bit to bring exposure to them.