Lachlan Miller

I write technical articles, mainly about Vue and other web technologies. Some other articles I wrote can be found on Vue.js Courses and Medium.

Anatomy of a Modern JavaScript Toolchain2023-09-01

Modern JavaScript toolchains are complex. This article breaks down the tools used by Vite, and how each one works.

Why You Should Always Use an Extension for JavaScript Files2023-08-29

Writing a file extension has many benefits and very few downsides. It's free, like free beer!

Chimera.js and The JavaScript Module Clusterfuck2023-08-20

JavaScript has continued to grow in complexity; now we have official two module systems, one hybrid, and one big mess.

Under the Hood with Events in Vue2023-08-04

Some insights into how I think about handling events in Vue.

Side Projects of HN making $500 / month2021-12-27

A list of side projects by Hacker News users, many pulled $500 / month.

Advanced TypeScript: A Type Safe Store for Vue 32021-04-30

Learn some advanced TypeScript and create a store for Vue 3.

Starting Component Testing with React, Cypress and Vite2021-04-20

There is no faster feedback loop for React component testing than Cypress and Vite.

Component Testing with Cypress and Vue2021-03-29

Meet Cypress Component Testing, a better way to test your Vue components.

Vue 3 Reactivity from Scratch2021-02-16

Build a Vue 3 inspired rectivity system.

Decoding Variable Length Quantity (VLQ) for Source Maps2021-01-19

Write a function to decode source map variable length quantity (VLQ).

A Futuristic Functional Language for Web Dev - ESNext Pipelines2021-01-08

Learn about the completing proposals for the pipeline operator in JavaScript.

PDF Customer Renderer for Vue.js 32020-12-14

Create a custom PDF renderer using Vue.js 3's new modular architecture.

Mocking Lower Layers for Better Test Coverage and Confidence2020-11-22

Stop mocking Vuex! Improve your test coverage and confidence with Mock Server Worker.

Cypress, Docker and X112020-11-19

Set up the Cypress interactive runner to work with X11 in Docker.

Renderless Components Pattern in Vue.js 32020-11-07

Learn about the renderless component pattern to make markup agnostic re-usable components.

Truly Modular Components with v-model2020-10-17

Write a <date-time> component that is modular and reusable with any datetime library.

Writing Testable Forms2020-10-08

Write more testable and reliable forms by isolating the business logic from the UI layer.

Consistently and Reliably Emitting Events2020-09-29

Some patterns, tips and tricks for consistency and reliability when emitting events in Vue components.

Patterns for Testing Props2020-09-22

Learn about testing props in Vue apps, and how testing props can verify whether you are correctly separating your business logic and your UI.